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International and Hawaii only! Not because we don’t want to, but continental domestic fares usually don’t glitch or see super low fares.

Not quite yet but we’re working on it. All glitches originate from the U.S./Canada for now.

You will get only the cheapest fares. We aren’t here to spam you with fares that are a few bucks off. Let’s be real – none of us care for a flight that’s a mere $50-100 cheaper than normal and you shouldn’t either. We use historical data and only send out fares that are a true ‘steal’. For example, it costs on average $1,300-$1,500 to travel to New Zealand round-trip. We’ve sent fares as low as $335. 

You can expect about 5-12 fare e-mails per month. 

We get this a lot!

Unfortunately not. Glitches can happy at anytime to anywhere so you have to be open on the destinations. We see glitches to destinations all around the world but we cannot look for a specific one since we can’t control which airfare is glitching. We just look for the glitches and send them out to you immediately regardless of the destination. Rest assured, we are scouring for glitches everywhere!

Not at all. We list out the steps in the e-mail notification for each specific fare and how to book it. It’s super simple and quick. And as always, we are always around if you need to contact us.

We do not book flights as we are not an online travel agency nor are we associated with any online travel agencies or airlines. All bookings are done by the subscriber on the airline’s website.

Absolutely not. We do not use any affiliate/referral links nor are we partnering with any airlines or ticketing sites. We locate a glitch and send you a link to locate the fare and book on your own. 

That varies on the specific glitch/airline, on availability and when the airlines or online booking agent catches their mistake. On average, a glitch will last around a couple of hours to a day but can last longer. You usually have to book the same day or next day. I have seen glitches that last a couple of days and some just an hour. It varies but we note in the e-mail based on experience how long we think you have to book.

Our motto when it comes to these fares are – “Buy now, think later”. Most airlines and OTA’s (online travel agency) give you 24 hours to cancel your ticket free of charge, full refund. So rest assured that even if you score a great fare, you have a nice cushion to cancel. Some smaller OTA’s will give you a few hours to cancel so always make sure to check the website’s cancellation policy before booking.

Always check the airlines and OTA’s policy on cancellation before booking.

We do it that way because if we restrict you to a specific airport, you may miss a glitch that’s a short drive or cheap flight away. For example, we sent out a glitch to Austria for $280 r/t from NYC (normally $700-800), but people near Philadelphia airport could utilize the deal as well since the two airports are not far from each other.

Simple – log into your account to change the region you’d like to fly from.

Absolutely, we use Stripe to process all payments and it is 100% secure with 128 bit SSL security.

Easy – log into your account to update your payment details.

No! You must log into your account from our website to make any changes to your account. Unsubscribing from the mailing list through your iPhone mail app, a glitch e-mail, or gmail does not cancel your account as we are not directly linked to that.

Absolutely, you have the first 30 days to try it out and request a refund. There are no refunds on a subscription after 30 days.

Subscriptions will  automatically be renewed based on your subscription length unless canceled. Refunds will not be issued on renewals. 

No refunds on subscriptions cancelled before expiration. Once cancelled, you will be subscribed until expiration where your subscription will automatically cancel.

To manage or cancel your subscription, please log into your account.

Some people have reported that the e-mails are going into their “Promotions” or “Spam” folder. Please make sure you add the e-mail muss at flyglitch dot com to your contacts list. Mark it as VIP so it goes to your primary inbox. That should fix the problem. Here’s a guide to fix this for different e-mail providers. If you signed up and a month has gone by with no e-mail, try the steps above or contact us.

We would love to chat. You can reach us via the ‘Contact’ tab on top of the page. We will respond within 1-2 days.